About Us

NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. was established in 1975  by its founders Nick Stratakis and and Ray Antonelli. NIRA is a progressive consulting firm based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. The Corporation was founded on the belief that to achieve excellence and client satisfaction, all projects must be under the direct supervision of at least one of the principals of the firm. It was further believed that these objectives could be realized best through a mid-sized firm, staffed with highly skilled, dedicated and experienced professionals. The development of this concept anticipates a gradual, systematic and long-term investment in staff and facilities and continued technical involvement by the Corporate Principals.

The foresight of this concept has proved to be sound and accurate, as NIRA has experienced a steady and controlled growth. Goals for engineering excellence, experience and knowledge of the needs of our clients have allowed the firm to grow and prosper. The Corporate Principals and Board of Directors are ever mindful of the need to ensure that all projects, both large and small, receive thorough peer review. We accept the premise that our clients are entitled to expect that all assignments are approached and carried out in a professional, thoughtful and dedicated manner.

Dedicating resources and energies to build a multi-disciplined consulting firm has allowed the staff at NIRA to develop extensive experience in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Site Planning Disciplines.

At NIRA, our success is based on our concern for professionalism, the demand for high standards and the satisfaction of each client’s objectives. We believe that the client is entitled to the highest return possible for their investment in technical expertise.